The Cause

A cause for sainthood takes many years, a couple of miracles and lots of prayer to come to fruition. There are several groups of people involved in doing the work to discover if a person was a saint by the Church’s definition from researchers who maintain secrecy while they work to guild members who shout from the mountaintops so everyone will know about the cause. Here is a look at who is working on Sr. Thea’s cause.

Historical Commission

This commission is made up of at least three people who usually work in archives or historical research of some kind. The task of these experts is to search out and gather all the writings of the Servant of God, those not yet published, as well as each and every historical document, either handwritten or printed, which may relate to the cause in any way. These members may travel to the motherhouse for the Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration where Sister Thea lived. They will dig through the archives at the Diocese of Jackson as well as sites where Sr. Thea studied, taught and worked. The members of this commission must maintain secrecy until their role in the process is complete.

Theological Commission

The Theological Commission is a group of people who must examine the writings – both published and unpublished — of the Servant of God and verify that there is nothing contained in them contrary to Faith and good morals. This committee must have at least two members. In their opinions the commission members are also to describe the personality and spirituality of the Servant of God. They present written and in-person testimonies to the bishop in order for the cause to proceed. Members of this commission remain secret until their work is complete so they can work independently.

What Can I Do?

Anyone can support Sr. Thea’s cause. We need your prayers, your stories, your energy and your financial support to make it through this process. You can order or download a prayer card or donate using the menu above. To report any spiritual or physical favors granted through prayer in Sister Thea’s name, please write: Sister Thea Bowman Cause for Canonization,  237 E. Amite Street, Jackson, MS 39201 or